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About CMCS

Why are our services needed?

Ministry can bring its own stresses and ministers are not exempt from the other problems of everyday life arising from family and personal circumstances. It is not always appropriate to seek support from a colleague or senior person in the denomination or the organisation, so CMCS was established to provide confidential independent help.

Who is it for?

We provide individual and tailored services to each of our affiliated bodies. To find out more about the services appropriate to you and your organisation, select the ‘Eligibility’ tab, or hover your cursor over it for a drop-down menu.

What is provided?

The counselling provided is non-directive, that is it offers a listening ear and special skills that enable the person being counselled ("the client") to reach a deeper understanding of the situation they need to talk about, so that they can make their own decisions about coping and living more effectively.


The CMCS cannot offer long-term therapy, and normally counselling is concluded within a maximum of twelve sessions, usually of one hour per week. Only in exceptional circumstances can counselling be extended beyond twelve sessions.

In order to ensure confidentiality, four Area Co-ordinators (ACs) have been appointed to be the first point of contact for someone wanting to use the service. None of them have any role in the national life of any participating denomination. A phone call to the AC is all that is needed, and he or she will then look for a suitable counsellor reasonably close to you. After checking that the counsellor can take a new client the AC will give you their phone number and a reference number by which to identify yourself to them. You then make contact with the counsellor to arrange a first appointment.


For the phone numbers and email addresses of all the ACs, click on the 'Area Co-ordinators' tab or here.

How can I access the Service?

What will it cost?

Counsellors use their skills to earn their living, so have professional fees. Often these are beyond the means of ministers, so each denomination and organisation has agreed to make up the difference between what the client can contribute and the full fee. You would be asked, then, at the first session to say what you can contribute (though some denominations have specified a standard or a minimum contribution) - your denomination or organisation will then be billed for the balance, without knowing your identity.

Can I trust the Service?

YES! You can trust the quality because the scheme only refers clients to counsellors whose qualifications and experience are recognised by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or are comparable to their Accreditation requirements. You can trust the confidentiality, because only the Counsellor and the AC will ever know who is being counselled.

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