Churches Ministerial Counselling Service

CPD Workshops

For over fifteen years CMCS has established itself as a prime provider of continuing professional development training which focuses on issues and needs in ministers and their families.

Each year we arrange a Saturday Workshop, repeated on several dates to enable as many as possible to attend.

These Workshops are open to all interested counsellors, but with a priority booking period and reduced fee for those who are members of the CMCS Register of counsellors.

Workshops in 2021

For 2021 we are looking at Wellbeing and Resilience, with the title : 

Beliefs, Boundaries and Buffers  

The facilitator is Tricia McIlroy - who served as a member of the
Steering Group of CMCS for 10 years - we are delighted that she has
agreed to provide this training for us.

In outline, it will cover:

  • The tension between calling/vocation and self care/wellbeing/resilience;
  • How resilience and vocation impact/influence each other;
  • Church leaders’ beliefs about their role and how this might impact/influence wellbeing;
  • What resilience looks like in practice, specifically for ministers and pastors;
  • How counsellors can support the wellbeing of ministers and pastors, in the context of therapeutic relationships.

Online Workshops are planned for the following dates, all Saturdays:

13 March 2021 (for which booking is now closed)

17 April 2021

15 May 2021

16 October 2021

with participants attending on camera, using Zoom, instead of travelling to venues. To book, please use the link to the automated booking system - this is a shortcut link, not the name of an actual webpage.  Counsellors on the CMCS Register were given priority through a link in the CMCS Bulletin issued in mid-December 2020.  

Cost for participating in an online Workshop:
£80 for counsellors on the CMCS Register; £90 for counsellors who are not on the CMCS Register

Closing dates:                                              

4 weeks before each Workshop, or earlier if all places are filled

Refund policy: If there are spaces available on a different date, your booking can be transferred.  If not:

100% if you need to cancel more than a month ahead, 50% if between a month and a fortnight ahead.

If you find yourself unable to attend less than 2 weeks before a Workshop, or on the day, sorry but no refund; however, please do let us know if we need not be waiting for you to join us.

 Feedback from Spring 2020 Workshops (at venues)
on Recognising Spiritual Abuse

“A clear and informative presentation on spiritual abuse - really developed my understanding of spiritual abuse and cults. Hearing (the trainer's) personal experience was really helpful”

  “It was excellent, delivered by a person who had first-hand experience, plus had researched the subject in great depth”

 Feedback from 10 Oct 2020 Workshop (using Zoom)
on Recognising Spiritual Abuse

 "Clear timetable and appropriate breaks ... I have attended many online workshops, seminars and classes now and most of them haven't been as well planned and orchestrated as this"

 "Gained new understanding of how cults operate and what helps survivors to recover - I'll be able to apply this in my work"

"Practical arrangements and pre-Workshop papers were excellent"