Churches Ministerial Counselling Service


How will I be put in touch with a counsellor?

There are four simple steps:


  1. You phone or email an Area Co-ordinator (for details click here) who will take some basic details, but won't undertake counselling over the phone.
  2. The AC will contact suitable counsellors, bearing in mind where you live and other information you've given, to check availability.
  3. The AC will let you know the contact details for the counsellor who can see you, and give you a reference number - so that your name isn't used in any contact with the Service administration or your denomination.
  4. You phone the counsellor, quoting that reference number, to arrange the initial session.

How long will it take to find a counsellor?

We can't promise - but normally the AC will be able to give you the counsellor's name within a week, and our counsellors are usually able to arrange a first appointment soon after you make contact.


Will the counsellor be a Christian?

Not necessarily - our first priority in putting counsellors on our Register is that they are competent so that you get high quality professional help. In many of the issues our clients bring, it doesn't matter what the counsellor believes, any more than it matters what a doctor treating a broken leg believes!


However, the majority of those who have asked to be part of the Service have a Christian affiliation, and ALL whom we have accepted to serve our clients have made a clear affirmation that they will uphold and support the faith of their clients.


If it is important to you that your counsellor has a denominational affiliation, make that clear to the AC and that will be one of the factors they bear in mind. In just a small number of cases this may cause a little delay in finding someone or you may need to travel further.


Can I choose a counsellor from my own or another denomination?

If it is important to you that you see a counsellor who is from your own denomination or if you want specifically NOT to see someone from your own denomination, tell the AC. This may mean that it will take longer to find someone for you, but we will do our best.


Can I choose a male/female counsellor?

If you particularly want a male counsellor, we will do our best to find one for you, though they are rarer than female ones, so it may take longer and you may have to travel further.  Finding a female counsellor is generally more straightforward.


Will my counsellor pray with me?

Even if you are referred to one of our counsellors who is a practising Christian (see above) this would be very unusual. They will not offer to pray, and may decline even if you ask, as many counsellors would feel uncomfortable with praying as part of the counselling process.


Who will be informed that I am receiving counselling?

In normal circumstances, NOBODY! Only you, the AC and counsellor know, unless you choose to tell anyone else, including your denomination.

In very rare circumstances, ministers are asked by their denomination to undertake some counselling. Even then, your counsellor will only confirm that you have received counselling if they have your explicit permission, and the content will ALWAYS remain confidential.